Island of Lateria


A mail carrier knocks at your door. Before you have time to get up to answer, the
carrier impatiently proclaims “Open, in the name of the king!” Upon opening the door,
the elderly man with graying hair hands you a sealed letter. “I’d suggest you read it soon,
it is vastly important,” his grumpy tone is off putting, and you begin to hope he doesn’t
stay to chat. He looks at you, scoffs, and turns to leave. You notice that his bag is full,
and letters with the same seal are spewing out of the top. Looking at the letter more
closely you immediately recognize the royal seal. You sigh before placing your thumb
under the seal. The letter reads as follows:

“Loyal subject,

I hope this finds you in good health. As you know, we’ve had a great 10 years of
peace after the war with Highland. In those 10 years, however, we’ve recruited fewer
soldiers for our army. This worries me as your king, because our forces grow smaller and
smaller. My grandfather once told me ‘a good king keeps the peace, but a great king is
prepared in case he cannot.’ As much as I wish to keep the peace, I must restock our
military forces in case war breaks lose. This is a call to all those healthy enough to fight
to gather at the capitol within a fortnight. You will report to General Zyrephon, who will
then assign you to a regiment.”

It’s signed by King Halit, but you highly doubt he wrote all the letters you saw.
You fold the letter and put it on your table. Deciding it’s best to start now, you head to
your room to pack. With all those letters being sent out, it might take a while to find a
boat to take you to the capitol.



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