Island of Lateria

Catching Up

Here is what has happened since Session 6:

The party ambushed the Bullywugs at a farm and defeated them soundly. They then moved towards the swamp where the Bullywugs had been coming from. There they met a wizard that had been creating and controlling the Bullywugs. The party upset the wizard, and he sent them to a separate dimension, where they had to find their way back to their dimension. While in this new dimension, the party each had their own alternate flash back on major events in their lives. Needless to say, the party made it back to their dimension and defeated the wizard.

After defeating the wizard, the party made their way back to Finnafinn. They told the mayor of what had happened, and then told him about the fortress in Stingard Fortress.

When leaving the mayor’s they ran into Daar, Mari, Manneo, Pandak, Jett, and Carkahn. The party believed that they had died in the Mt. Caleb attack, but they found out they hadn’t been there during that specific trip. The Arsidian troops attacked the party, but were defeated. General Carsys had been watching the entire battle, and bids them to follow her to her room at the inn.

Carsys told the party that, after the Mt Caleb attack, Mal was found alive and brought in for questioning. She was put in charge of his interrogation. She believed the stories that Mal told, even though he was sentenced to death. She told them she believes in their innocence, and wants to help them. She gives the team a letter and they agree to deliver it to a man in Thornapple.

The party tells JamFalcon what had transpired, and he and Bo’s son go back to the fortress in Stingard.

When the party got to Thornapple, they found out the man that Carsys wanted the letter delivered to was Mal. Mal mentions how, since he has escaped, he had been looking for reasons as to why the Prince wanted to start tensions between Highland and Arside. He was looking for any bit of information he could find in Arside. The party decides here, that they want to go to Highland to look for similar information. They then devise a plan to steal Venner’s boat back from the Arsidian Navy.

The party decides to hire a boat to the capital, but alas they’re poor. They have to agree to help work the ship and find enough goods to ship to the capital. This is handled by talking to local churches who need items shipped from Thornapple to their churches in the capital. Chance also has to sneak another package on board from one of his contacts in Thornapple.

Once in the capital, the party drops off the goods and begin trekking up to the Naval compound (about 4 hours north of the capital). Chance and Finn sneak into the compound, while the others try to distract the guards without drawing too much attention to themselves. They don’t do so good of a job, as the guards release carrier pigeons and begin to pursue the party outside of the compound.



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