Island of Lateria

I'm on a Boat

After fighting the guards in the naval compound, the party finds Vennerzad’s boat. They get the boat ready and head north up the river towards Highland. On their way, they get passed by the royal Arsidian ship. The party gets away undetected, due to the natural camouflage abilities of Vennerzad’s boat. The party decides to follow the ship for as long as possible.

The royal ship makes a stop at Voorhiven, where it is met by a Hilandian ship. After a few minutes, the royal ship continues north towards Lowencaster followed by the Hilandian ship. The party decides it might be best to stop in Voorhiven to get some information on why the ship stopped there, if the Hilandians were aware of the Mt Caleb incident, and if they were wanted in Highland as well. They dock the boat offshore and head into Voorhiven.

In Voorhiven, the stumble upon a bazaar (they eventually find out it’s for the goddess Erathis). The party wonder through the town trying to gather information on what’s going on in town and eventually turn their attention to the sword fighting tournament. Finn and Bloodbeard sign up for the tournament, and Finn ends up winning (albeit not in a 100% fair manner). The party takes their winning (both Finn’s winnings, and the winnings they won on betting) and replenishes some supplies. Keira stumbles upon a book that is exerting a magical property, and she decides to buy the book. Flipping through the book, the can tell it is a story from the goddess Erathis. After asking around, they find out that there is a church dedicated to Erathis in the residential section of town, so the party heads to the church.

In the church, one of the priestesses tells the party that the book is about the battle of Earthis and Bahamut against Bane. Earthis and Bahamut sealed themselves and Bane for eternity during the War of the Gods. The priestess tells them, if they’re interested, there is a church dedicated to Bahamut in Lowencaster. After much discussion, the party decides to head towards Lowencaster



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