Island of Lateria

Session 2

The party is woken up by Mal to start their training session. Mal escorts them to the sparring ring, which is also being set up for a tournament in swords for later in the evening. Mal introduces the characters to their opponents: Daar, Mari, Manneo, Pandak, Jett, and Carkahn. The party won the sparring round, although didn’t get out of it without being harassed again by the other recruits. Mal congratulates the team and takes them back to the barracks to get cleaned up so they can attend the tournament later today.

At the tournament, the party is informed that the Prince is in the tournament. It appears to Mal that the Prince is in the same bracket against mercenaries, newer recruits, and fairly old soldiers. The other bracket is set up with better soldiers and fighters, but they seem to be trying to intentionally losing the fight. The Prince makes it to the finals, and beats his opponent after throwing sand in his face and switching to his more comfortable weapon (sickle).



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