Island of Lateria

Session 4

The party was told to meet a contact between Stingard and Quervas’lain in order to go over the mission in more depth. Finn however had a different idea, as he had buried some illegal contraband before joining the Arsidian army. Finn talks the party into going north of Stingard forest (the opposite direction of Quervas’lain) in order to retrieve his chest. Upon arriving at the location, Finn noticed that the chest was missing. Before having to much time to think, he heard a sharp whistle from up in the trees.

A human male is sitting up in one of the trees and introduces himself as Adokul. He informs Finn that he took his chest, but could disarm the traps Finn set. He would like to wager the chest depending on if the party could best 6 of his friends. Finn accepted his challenge on the condition that Adokul showed him the chest before the battle. Adokul acknowledged Finn’s condition, and went to retrieve the chest. Another sharp whistle came from Adokul and 6 similarly dressed men came out from behind the trees. Before the battle started, Adokul made sure the party understood the battle would not be to the death.

The party won the battle and retrieved Finn’s chest. Adokul whistled once more, and 20 more similarly dressed men come out of the wooded area. Some of the men helped the 6 that battled to their feet and carried them off. Before leaving, Adokul confessed to being the leader of a thief’s guild in Quervas’lain. Upon being handed the chest, Finn noticed that Adokul had attached a compartment to the bottom of the chest. The compartment contained their wanted posters and a map of Quervas’lain with Adokul’s location.

The party made their way to Quervas’lain and met up with Jamfalcon Swordsteel on the way there. He led them the rest of the way to Quervas’lain and The Queen’s Chamber. Bokura mentioned he had a house in town, and was going to stay with his son for the night.



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