Island of Lateria

Session 5

The party decide to follow Boku to his house in Quervas’lain to sleep for the night. Upon getting to his house, the party notices an unruly mob with torches and pitchforks; the crowd is yelling “Kill the Traitor”, “Get the traitor”, “Burn the house”, and other unruly mob things. The party sneaks around the house next to Boku’s house to hide from the mob. Chance sneaks around the front of the house and noticed there were 8 guards keeping the mob away from the house. Chance then decided to sneak around the back of Boku’s house. Inside the house he saw a guard and Boku’s son Boya. Chance tells this to Boku, who tells him that he knows the guard (Hajimari).

Boku and Chance sneak back to the window and try to talk Hajimari into giving them Boya before the mob got the opportunity to kill him. Hajimari tells them that won’t be possible as the guards have been ordered to take Boya to Veripole for safety. Chance and Boku don’t believe that the capitol has Boya’s best interest in mind, and they try to talk Hajimari into betraying his orders. They bring up the prince’s betrayal at Caleb’s point, but Hajimari just becomes weary and backs towards the door. Boku tells Boya to come to the window, but Hajimari warns them if they try anything he’ll notify the guards out front.

Kiera decides to use a Ghost Sound to make it sound like Boku is behind the unruly mob, and the mob turns to follow the sound. Four of the guards follow the crowd to prevent them from looting. Upon realizing what Kiera had done, Chance grabs Boya and pulls him out of the window. Hajimari yells for the other guards out front, and they start a battle.

The party defeats the guards.



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