Island of Lateria

Session 6

The party decides to meet back up with Jamfalcon Swordsteel at The Queen’s Chamber. He leads them out a secret passage, which drops them out by the river. The party and Jamfalcon decide to go into Oakwood Forest to rest for the night, before going to Fennafinn. Instead of going directly to Fennafinn, the party decides to try to sneak across the border into Oakwood, but are stopped by Arsidian guards patrolling the border. Jamfalcon gets this information from a single guard who came deeper into the woods to make his water. Knowing this, the party made their way towards Fennafinn.

Once in Fennafinn, the party finds a bard who is singing about the monster’s that are attacking the farm lands. Kiera deduces that the creatures are Bullywugs. Once knowing this, they visit Carcin, the mayor. Carcin explains to them about the attacks, and gives them a chance to defend the town. Carcin sends messengers out to the farmlands to have them come in to Fennafinn proper for a town meeting to discuss the Bullywug attacks. The farmers show some resistance to the plan of gathering up a decent amount of food and storing it on one farm, but eventually come around to it.

The party sets up for an ambush on a farm in preparation for the Bullywug attack.



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