Race: Tiefling
Age: 25
Gender: M
Height: 6’ "
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Brown with a hint of purple
Eyes: Gold
Skin: Red

Hajimari is red skinned and has golden eyes. His horns come out of his helmet, which he never removes. He has a purplish/brown goatee. He wears a standard issued Arsidian uniform

Hajimari was part of a squad of guards that came to recruit Boya and Bokura. The squad wasn’t expecting Bokura to fight back, and he defeated all of them except Hajimari. Hajimari had chosen to yield to Bokura instead of continue to fight. During the battle, however, Bokura lost control of himself and decided it was best if he went to be recruited. Bokura and Hajimari made a pact that he would watch over Boya while Bokura fought in the war. They faked Hajimarai’s death.

Session 5

Bokura decided to go to his house in Quervas’lain, where he found Hajimarai and Boya. Hajimarai seemed conflicted on giving Boya back to Bokura, as he also had orders to take him to the capitol. Bokura and Chance tried to take Boya by force, and Hajimarai called for other guards to help him secure the child.


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