Mal Actins

Race: Human
Age: 45
Gender: M
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Blond, long
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian

Mal is a tall, lean fighter with piercing blue eyes. His eyes are accented by a scar starting at the top of his left eye and ending below his nose. He is typically seen with a bastard sword strapped to his back, and wearing his Arside army uniform. His blond hair rest right above his shoulders, and peaks out the back of his helmet when he wears one.

Mal grew up in Thornapple most of his life. His father worked as a weapons-smith and his mother was a maid in a local inn. Mal was often seen in the forge his father worked at, teaching himself how to fight. He received his own sword on his sixteenth birthday from his father, a great bastard sword.

Mal eventually enrolled in the Arsidian army and fought during the war against Highland, where he received his scar. He was one of the few soldiers who stayed enlisted in the army after the war ended, where he eventually transitioned into the role of a recruiter.

Session 1

Mal is introduced to the party, and makes them fight a group of dire rats to rate them as fighters. He later joins them at the Dragon’s Nector for a drink.

Session 2

Mal takes the party to a sparring session with fellow recruits. Afterwards, he tells them that there is a tournament to be held to honor all of the new recruits. As the tournament goes on, Mal shows his distaste for the prince.

Session 3

Mall informs the party that they will be going on a survival hike through Caleb’s point as their final challenge as recruits. During the first night, Mal wakes the party up exclaiming that they are under attack, and the attackers have set fire to the surrounding wooded area. Mal leads them up the mountain, but the party ducks into a cave. Mal doubles back to find them, and again tries to lead them up the mountain. They find a creek that Mal promises will take them to safety if the wade down stream. The captain of the attackers – apparently Highland troops – catches the party and Mal holds him off. The captain gets the best of Mal as the party escapes.


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